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Does technology in the classroom help the learning process?  Mark James, a lecturer at the University of West Florida, doesn’t thing it is as effective as people think.  James decided to conduct an experiment on his summer class to find out how his class would do without any technology in the classroom.

The result of this experiment was a success in his eyes.  He did away with Powerpoint and videos he normally used and taught the old fashioned way.  According to James, “The students seem more involved in the discussion than when I allowed them online.”  He also stated that the class discussions improved and the students were more involved.

Another good example came from Barry Leed, an English professor at Central Connecticut University.  Leed still advocates the use of blue books in his classroom.  He uses them for in-class writing assignments.  He says it helps the students craft more coherent arguments; helping them understand the material more effectively.

So does the technology help or hinder students?  In the right context, technology can further a students understanding.  When teachers start relying on technology without  augmenting their lecture to accommodate said technology; it doesn’t help the students understand the material any better.  A Powerpoint presentation will never be as effective as a class discussion in determining the students’ understanding.  A student learns more effectively when they are actively engaged in the material.  Technology can be a great addition to the classroom.  But only if done in a way the keeps the student engaged and focused on the material.

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September 8, 2011 at 5:11 am

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